How Addiction Affects Family Dynamics

The Six Family Roles in Addiction

The Addicted Family Member

The Caretaker or Enabler

The Hero

The Scapegoat

The Mascot or Clown

The Lost Child

How Treatment for Addiction Impacts Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

Why Family Therapy is So Important To Recovery

It Helps People Understand The Impact of Addiction

It Improves Communication Between Family Members

Fostering Support and Codependency 

Learn How Addiction Affects the Family & Get Help Today

Addiction Treatment at Luxe Recovery

Luxe Recovery is an industry-leading rehab facility that offers world-class treatment for a variety of substance addictions, mental health concerns, and process addictions. Our treatment center offers our guests a safe, structured, and luxurious environment. It is equipped with amenities such as a gym, a pool, and an on-site chef who prepares nutrient-dense meals.

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