Cocaine Overdose: Signs, Symptoms, and What to Do in an Emergency

Cocaine Overdose Dangers & Statistics

How Much Cocaine Does it Take to Overdose?

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Overdose

Who is at Risk of a Cocaine Overdose?

Frequency of Use

Polydrug Use

Underlying Health Conditions

Mental Health Disorders

Binge Usage

Isolated Use

Post-Abstinence Use

Long-Term Effects of a Cocaine Overdose

Treatment Options for Cocaine Overdose Symptoms

Initial Medical Response

Comprehensive Care Post-Overdose

What to Do if Someone is Overdosing on Cocaine

Call Emergency Services

Assist with Breathing and Safety

Manage Overheating

Stay Calm and Provide Comfort

Legal Protection

Monitor and Report Symptoms of a Cocaine Overdose

How to Prevent a Cocaine Overdose

Complete Abstinence

Seek Professional Help for Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Education and Awareness of Substance Abuse

Harm Reduction Strategies

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