EtOH Abuse: Understanding Ethanol Addiction

What is EtOH?

An Overview of EtOH Abuse

Forms of EtOH Abuse

Binge Drinking

Drinking When It’s Inappropriate

Using Alcohol To Cope

Episodes of Heavy Drinking

Drinking Regardless of Consequences

The Dangers of Drinking Ethanol

Brain Damage

Liver Damage

Cardiovascular Issues


Treatment For EtOH Abuse


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Support Groups

Seek Treatment With Us

While EtOH abuse is not alcohol addiction per se, it still presents a concerning pattern of alcohol consumption. Just because someone’s not an addict doesn’t mean they don’t have a problem. An alcohol problem is still an alcohol problem even when someone isn’t physically or psychologically compelled to drink alcohol.

Alcohol abuse, even if it is infrequent, can still be debilitating. But it’s possible to break the pattern. Contact us now, and we’ll help get you on a path to sobriety.

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