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All substances can be dangerous to health if taken against a prescribed recommendation or by consuming too much for a long time and may cause a strong dependence or addiction. However, fentanyl is one of the most dangerous drugs if someone uses it often or becomes addicted to it because of its extreme potency.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid with similarities to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more powerful, making one wonder why anyone would want to abuse it in the first place.

Pharmaceutical fentanyl, similar to morphine, is usually prescribed by doctors to treat severe pain experienced in post-operative surgery or the late stages of cancer or may be recommended for patients suffering from chronic pain that may have a physical tolerance to other opioids and is generally safe to use providing it is taken exactly as prescribed.

Fentanyl comes in two forms: pharmaceutical fentanyl or illicitly manufactured fentanyl (IMF), and this is where fentanyl use becomes risky.

Identifying The Types Of Fentanyl

Pharmaceutical fentanyl prescribed by a healthcare provider is the original legal substance that can be administered in various ways to treat chronic pain.

It can be administered as a patch, tablet, candy, or shot, with the dosage carefully regulated within the prescription for a recommended short period.

On the other hand, fentanyl that has been illegally manufactured can appear in the form of powder, a liquid within nasal sprays, eye drops, blotted on paper, or candy. It is often produced to imitate prescribed opioids in the form of a pill.

More alarming is that illegal manufacturers of fentanyl tend to combine the substance with other potent drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or MDMA to maximize their profits.

They know that it only takes a very small amount of fentanyl to achieve a high, so mixing it with other drugs is cheaper for them to produce with a massive return, and they have no concern regarding the devastating impact these combinations can have.

This cheaper version of fentanyl found on the streets is an extremely dangerous substance as many individuals fall victim to consuming much stronger opioids than their bodies can tolerate without even being aware of the harmful concoction, and makes overdosing a much likelier probability.

Because fentanyl is illegally distributed and sold on the streets, as with other drugs, slang names are given to elude the law and eventually form a lengthy list of descriptions to refer to the substance, such as Apache, TNT, China Girl, or Jackpot among many.

Signs of Fentanyl Use

Only a medical professional can provide a formal diagnosis of fentanyl addiction when an individual compulsively takes the substance regardless of the damage it has on health. It is referred to as opioid use disorder (OUD).

However, because fentanyl is such a powerful and dangerously addictive substance, it is useful to recognize some of the common signs associated with addiction should you be concerned about a loved one’s well-being.

Typically, someone increases the amount to experience the same effects but cannot stop or cut down and spends a lot of time obtaining, using, and recovering from its effects.

They develop strong cravings and continue to use the substance, knowing the dangers to physical and psychological health, and begin to lose interest in important activities and neglect daily responsibilities.

These issues can lead to further problems if used in dangerous situations such as driving, and severe withdrawal symptoms can appear if the substance is abruptly stopped.

Using fentanyl erratically can be life-threatening, and a large number of overdose deaths are linked to fentanyl abuse. If anyone shows signs of slow or stopped breathing, loss of consciousness, or making gurgling noises, they require immediate medical help to save their life from a possible opioid overdose.

Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms

Fentanyl is a very powerful painkiller and affects the brain by attaching itself to opioid receptors located in areas of the brain that control our emotions and pain.

The brain gradually adapts to the drug when taken for extended periods and lowers its sensitivity, making the only way to feel pleasure is by using the substance. This is called tolerance but does not necessarily mean someone is addicted, but caution should be taken as tolerance can initiate the cycle.

Ending the consumption of fentanyl can be risky if attempting to do it alone as the body reacts in unpredictable ways when the substance is abruptly stopped, provoking undesirable withdrawal symptoms, many of which can lead to serious complications.

Mild symptoms may develop in the form of nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, or sweating, while severe symptoms can involve respiratory distress, seizures, hallucinations, or heart failure.

It is important to understand that withdrawal symptoms may differ from person to person and can be complex due to their unique nature in the body. However, if any symptoms become worse and get out of control, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to intervene.

Fentanyl Abuse In Los Angeles Today

Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are the most common substances involving drug overdose deaths in California, and based on initial data relating to 2021, a figure of 6,843 overdose deaths were opioid-related. A staggering 5,722 of those deaths were associated with fentanyl use, 224 of them among young teens between 15 – 19 years old.

It is estimated that about 150 people die every day from these substances because only the tiniest amount of fentanyl can be deadly.

Shockingly, it has been reported that another form of fentanyl is circulating the streets of Los Angeles in illegal markets, going under the slang name of “rainbow” due to its brightly colored appearance. It comes in the form of pills, powder, or candy-looking blocks with the same intention of illicit sales to increase profit levels.

Regardless of the form, color, or appearance of this deadly substance, it should be avoided at all costs unless properly prescribed by a pharmacist or medical professional; otherwise, it could be deadly even in the smallest proportions.

Where To Get Help For Addiction To Fentanyl

Synthetic opioids like fentanyl need to be addressed with expertise in the field of opioid addiction. Individuals addicted to fentanyl will be highly unlikely to stop their consumption without receiving the correct treatment and will be extremely susceptible to experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Luxe Recovery understands the importance of applying extensive resources that have effectively overcome the challenges of substance abuse and have helped many individuals get back on their feet and regain their lives free from addiction and the misery it brings.

Luxe Recovery is a luxury rehab facility nestled in the heart of Los Angeles and offers a wide range of services and treatments for substance abuse. Our center provides solutions for anyone struggling with fentanyl addiction and helps families come through their ordeals when a loved one using fentanyl is often on the brink of overdose.

Our Residential Rehab Detox Treatment

The effects of fentanyl are serious, and the first stage in substance abuse treatment is a thorough fentanyl detox program. Upon an initial assessment to determine addiction severity, a personalized plan is designed to incorporate each person’s specific needs and requirements.

Our drug detox treatment is supervised by our highly qualified medical team, who monitor the progress of detox around the clock, observing withdrawal symptoms as the body is cleansed from all traces of the substance.

This constant monitoring is crucial in severe cases of fentanyl addiction, as unpredictable symptoms can become dangerous, needing swift medical intervention. People’s experience of detox can vary, but most will feel some discomfort or unpleasantness due to intense cravings when prescribed medication may be administered to help reduce intensity or pain.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Program

Following on from the detox process, Luxe Recovery enwraps its residential patients with a comprehensive, evidence-based residential treatment program.

This consists of a wide range of practical sessions and therapies to assist in readapting to a drug-free life and, more importantly, sustaining sobriety. The modalities incorporated into our individualized residential treatment plans are conducted by professionals who are highly qualified in diverse aspects of handling drug and alcohol addiction.

This professionalism and knowledge are paramount and enforce the benefit of detox so each person may initiate their journey to recovery at their own pace and regain confidence in themselves.

Our world-class inpatient treatment integrates the physical, psychological, and emotional elements of individuals and addresses them through individual, group, and family sessions, counseling, holistic therapies, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as examples.

Luxe Recovery also applies dual-diagnosis treatment to determine the root causes of addiction through possible mental health conditions. Mental health issues are often linked to substance abuse and may potentially be responsible for igniting cycles of addiction.

Any co-occurring mental health disorders can be treated simultaneously within our well-structured programs, and the right treatment can be applied.

Aftercare Planning For Opioid Addiction

One of the biggest myths surrounding substance abuse is that a high majority of people believe that detox solves everything and one walks away cured. This is far from the truth, as detox is only the first crucial part of eradicating the problem.

Getting someone under the influence of drugs to accept they have a problem is one of the biggest hurdles as they will nearly always be in denial and reject any form of help as they are too far in-depth with the only treasure they have, and that is their substance.

Any substance abuse should be considered as an illness rather than a societal malfunction and treated like any other chronic disease. 

A successful detox is only the tip of the iceberg but is fundamental in eliminating the substance. Residential treatment is perhaps the strongest reinforcement after detox as the patient remains within a safe environment and receives high standards of care and attention tailored to their specific needs. This practice is the safest method of preventing any unpredictable dangers of fentanyl withdrawal.

However, not everyone has the same needs and may just be in the early stages of feeling the effects of fentanyl or ready to stop but just need a hand.

Others who have gone through detox and residential treatment may need extra support as they plan to get back to work, wonder about where they can live, and adapt to the realities of society.

Luxe Recovery takes these issues into account, and apart from detox and residential treatment, we have other services available to help those needing alternative treatment or aftercare planning.

Outpatient Treatment Center

For individuals who need fentanyl detox and treatment for severe signs of fentanyl addiction, our detox center and rehab in Los Angeles is the front runner to get help.

For those with milder symptoms and still in control of their consumption and want to stop, our outpatient facility may prove helpful.

Luxe Recovery offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that has been designed and structured to help anyone with mild cases of substance abuse receive appropriate treatment without the necessity of medical supervision.

This intensive program allows a person to continue with their daily responsibilities while attending an intensive treatment program for their addiction. The program consists of all our residential treatment activities without needing hospitalization, so one may stay at home but still get the invaluable treatment and support they need.

These programs are very flexible, and schedules can be planned to fit around circumstances and other commitments.

Find Sober Living At Our Rehab Center

Luxe Recovery recognizes the strains that individuals go through to overcome addiction, proceeded by further pressures when returning to a normal life.

Many recovering addicts do not immediately see a normal life and find it overwhelming to return to their community and participate in societal affairs after having gone through a major ordeal in their lives.

More often than not, substance users find themselves in isolated situations caused by family break-ups or having lived on the streets as a result of funding their habit rather than their needs.

Nobody should be criticized or singled out because of a drug-related illness, and because of this, Luxe Recovery provides a safe haven for recovering addicts, a place they can call home, have their home comforts, and feel they belong in a communal environment.

Our sober living program assists recovering addicts in overcoming their fears by providing our comprehensive treatment to support them through aftercare and arm them with the necessary tools to readapt to society. 

Costs Of Addiction Treatment And Rehab

At Luxe Recovery, we understand the socioeconomic pressures on treating drug-related conditions and the high costs involved. However, we accept most PPO insurance plans that may cover part or most of our treatment costs.

If you need further information about health insurance, simply fill in the form on our Insurance Verification portal, and upon checking your details and benefits one of our team will get back to you with further details regarding fentanyl rehab.

Get Fentanyl Addiction Treatment In Los Angeles Now

The addiction to fentanyl in Los Angeles cannot be over-emphasized as figures speak for themselves in the number of people left to be consumed by their own downfall and the increasing scale of overdose deaths.

To sit back and do nothing is unacceptable as many victims fall perilous to this powerful drug without realizing the damage it causes until it is often too late.

Luxe Recovery encourages anyone struggling with fentanyl to make contact now. We can help and have the resources to get you back to a normal life. Make that decision today and save a life.

For further information, please call us, and our dedicated team will gladly provide you with all the information you need and help you find suitable options to treat this life-threatening condition.

You can be assured of our confidentiality at all times, and we will endeavor to provide you with our admission procedures to procure any forthcoming treatment.

There is a real urgency in addressing fentanyl abuse to prevent more and more people from becoming casualties, especially among the young generation today. By reaching out together, we can defeat this terrible epidemic.

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