Helping a Loved One Through Heroin Addiction

Understanding Substance Abuse in a Loved One

What Are the Signs of Heroin Addiction?

The Effects of Drug Addiction on Family Members or Friends

How to Talk to Someone About Their Substance Use

Choose the Right Time

Prepare for the Conversation

Be Specific About Your Observations

Foster an Open Dialogue

Manage Expectations

Offer Support and Resources

Recognize the Obstacle

Provide Information on Support Networks

Address Safety and Health Concerns

How to Help a Loved One Overcome Addiction to Heroin

Heroin Addiction Treatment Types

Tips for Helping Someone Recover from Substance Use Disorder

Look After Yourself

Understand that Addiction is a Disease

Educate People and Yourself

Offer Non-Judgmental Support

Encourage Rehab Rather Than Addiction

Permit Mistakes to Be Learned From

Get Ready to Make a Long-Term Commitment

The Benefits of Helping a Friend with Addiction Early

Early Intervention Leads to Better Outcomes

Mitigating Negative Consequences

Reducing Family Impact

Encouraging Acceptance of Help

Cost-Selective Care

Continuous Support Is Key

Get Help for a Loved One Addicted to Heroin

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