Our Process

Our treatment approach is to work in collaboration with you to create your treatment plan to best assist your heroic journey to self-discovery and recovery.

When clients arrive at our inpatient center, they will undergo the initial screening process and be admitted to the program. Clients will then be seen by one of our licensed clinicians to complete a full assessment, better understand the client’s history, and begin the treatment planning process.

If deemed necessary, we will provide inpatient detox treatment for clients who would benefit from medically monitored detoxification provided by our addiction specialist MD so that clients can be detoxed from their substance of choice while being treated for their withdrawal symptoms safely.

Our licensed clinicians have extensive experience working with dual-diagnosed clients and can provide the necessary therapeutic guidance to undress any mental health issues, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and personality disorders, to name a few.

Clients are required to attend individual therapy sessions with their therapists once or twice a week. Family sessions can also be offered to clients if requested by the client and deemed necessary by the clinician. In addition, clients have the option to meet with our psychiatrist to discuss the possible need for psychotropic medications. Our psychiatrist will prescribe and closely monitor any medications prescribed to the client.

Fitness programs such as boxing, yoga, and physical exercise are a part of the Luxe curriculum of activities that aid substance use recovery. We also offer weekly chiropractic sessions and sessions with massage therapists, as these services have been shown to help clients relax and feel physically and mentally rejuvenated.

Clients will also attend various weekly groups facilitated by various counselors and therapists, such as Relapse Prevention groups and Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy (EMDR). Clients will also be taken to various AA meetings throughout the week so that they may have the opportunity to establish a sober support network.

We also offer many extracurricular activities such as creative writing, music groups, art therapy, breath work, and acting classes.

Discharge planning – our ultimate goal is to equip our clients with the necessary tools to achieve long-term recovery.
At the conclusion of your stay, our expert staff will work with you and explore all the options and resources available.

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