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Xanax is the leading prescription drug above other benzodiazepine medications to treat the most common health conditions ranging from anxiety disorder to panic attacks.

Although Xanax helps millions of people cope with their anxiety disorders, it is also one of the most abused drugs overall and is extremely addictive.

People often abuse Xanax by self-medicating to relieve their feelings of stress, help with sleeping problems, or through recreational use. Prolonged use of Xanax for purposes not specified in a prescription can lead to severe problems and health risks regardless of the motive for using it.

Benzodiazepine And Overdose

Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that act as depressants on the central nervous system and are often described as minor sedatives or tranquilizers and are effective for short-term anxiety disorders.

Xanax is one of these drugs and is legally provided under a medical prescription, either in the form of a pill or liquid, or it can be dissolved. The effects of Xanax produce feelings of calm and relaxation, making it a first choice for people suffering from anxiety.

However, its use is only intended to last for around 4 weeks to avoid potential risks of developing a dependency or addiction, yet people continue taking the drug even though they are aware of the dangers involved.

Benzodiazepine-related overdose deaths are climbing at a significant rate but are generally due to mixing the drug with other substances or alcohol, as this increases the chances of respiratory distress, which can be life-threatening.

Signs of overdose are likely to make someone drowsy, confused, or disorientated with respiratory problems such as slow, shallow breathing or asphyxiation and may display heavy sedation for several days.

If you are worried about someone showing any of these signs of Xanax abuse, especially respiratory depression, you should seek urgent medical help.

Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

When people stop using Xanax or miss a dose, withdrawal symptoms appear just like with only other substances and can cause discomfort as well as being dangerous.

Many individuals experience intense cravings, making them consume more to reach the desired effects, or they may feel unwell if they skip a dose. 

In severe cases of Xanax addiction, withdrawal symptoms may have higher health risks and can be fatal if left untreated, one of the main reasons why it is not recommended to quit any form of benzodiazepine by going cold turkey on your own accord.

These dangers are escalated when Xanax is combined with other drugs or alcohol and may produce hallucinations, severe panic attacks, or seizures.

Teens are particularly vulnerable to Xanax abuse due to peer pressure and the desire to experiment with recreational drugs similar to alcohol and marijuana, making the detection of Xanax more difficult, but issues like skipping school and responsibilities, showing signs of anxiety, drowsiness or confusion may be possible indications.

Getting Help For Xanax Use

The first step in getting help for Xanax use is by taking action. Doing nothing will not resolve the problem, and most individuals who have developed an addiction to Xanax will be in denial they have anything wrong with themselves but are unable to stop taking the substance. Taking action can save someone’s life and allow them to return to living a normal, healthier, and happier existence. 

Luxe Recovery understands the difficulties and misery surrounding alcohol and substance abuse and focuses on offering world-class treatment with evidence-based modalities to address and resolve drug addictions.

Our luxury rehab treatment center is located in the heart of Los Angeles, among the hubs of this vibrant city, and recognizes the alarming rate of substance abuse that is occurring on the streets.

With expertise and knowledge on how to deal with even the most severe cases of drug abuse, we have implemented a comprehensive treatment program plan to address all facets associated with this condition.

Xanax And Other Prescription Drug Detox

Upon an initial assessment to determine the severity of dependence on any prescription drug like Xanax, a detox program is initiated to eradicate all traces of the substance from the body while admitted to our drug rehab center as an inpatient.

This particular care provides 24/7 medical supervision during our detox treatment to monitor any undesirable withdrawal symptoms and should there be any complications a swift intervention can be decided.

Our highly qualified medical professionals are experts in this field of treatment, and at their discretion, they may administer other medication to help reduce potential dangers and lessen any discomfort or pain experienced through the process.

Simultaneously, any co-occurring disorders can be detected, such as anxiety and panic disorders, and this dual diagnosis forms part of the relevant individualized treatment to detox from the substance involved successfully.

Ongoing Xanax Addiction Treatment

Xanax detox is only the first step to recovery, and treatment doesn’t end there as the focus turns to investigating root causes, applying various modalities, and ensuring the individual transitions smoothly into a life of sobriety and can manage to return to a normal life without the need for drugs. To make this possible, Luxe Recovery provides a first-class residential treatment that is specifically designed to suit the needs and requirements of each person. 

Because every person is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and our residential treatment ensures that the principal issues are addressed along with the minor issues associated with the physical, psychological, and emotional traits of recovering addicts. 

Our Level Of Care For Addiction Recovery

At Luxe Recovery, we believe everyone should get a second chance, and this we cannot emphasize enough when dealing with people who desperately need help to overcome addiction.

Our approach is to facilitate all our patients with the necessary tools to make a successful recovery, and we have integrated a wide spectrum of therapies in our residential program for Xanax addiction.

Substance abuse and mental health issues often go hand in hand, socioeconomic and peer pressure may also play a significant role in developing drug and alcohol disorders so our objective is to help identify underlying problems, give direction in discovering one’s inner self and acting on positive results.

Our comprehensive treatment program allows patients access to recognize their emotional, physical, and psychological needs and learn more about themselves through some of our modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), holistic therapies, and individual, group, and family sessions with specialized therapists and counselors. Our residential rehab program is one of the most efficient and effective options for severe cases of addiction.

Rehab Treatment Center For Outpatient Care

Inpatient residential treatment is mostly suitable for individuals who have severe cases of substance use disorder or for those who struggle with relapse and need a higher level of care and support to assist in sustaining sobriety, but for those who have milder cases of addiction and need to stay at home due to work or study commitments, Luxe Recovery provides an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

This IOP is specifically designed to assist people who do not require 24/7 medical assistance. A detox plan can be arranged at our outpatient facility, followed by an intensive program that generally consists of around 12 weeks.

The outpatient treatment is no different from our residential treatment other than it is completed in a shorter time frame and generally expects an individual to attend sessions and therapies over an average of 30 hours per week.

This treatment option can be scheduled to fit in with situations and commitments, is a flexible way of getting treatment while maintaining daily responsibilities, and can be a more affordable and viable method of getting help.

However, it should be remembered that IOP is not a substitute for a medical detox or for anyone with severe symptoms, but an initial assessment will determine whether this alternative approach is appropriate.

Addiction Treatment Program With Sober Living

Sober living treatment may not be familiar to many recovering addicts, but it is a great option for those who, after having undergone addiction treatment, find themselves in a situation of isolation, have nowhere to live, or are too scared to return to the harsh realities of society. Recovering from any substance addiction can be traumatic, and the recovery process is fragile and challenging for many.

Luxe Recovery realizes that the streets of Los Angeles are not the ideal scenario to head back to after rehab and can be a daunting and fearful experience.

To assist with these concerns, Luxe Recovery can provide a safe sanctuary for recovering addicts, a place they can call home with their home comforts and where they have a sense of belonging.

Our communal facility not only offers a roof over a person’s head, but we work closely with highly qualified counselors and therapists who provide support and guidance and gradually introduce individuals back into society, ensuring they are fully prepared to cope and adapt safely.

There are many benefits to participating in our sober living program: making new friends, developing new interests and hobbies, and learning new skills to assist with job interviews, meetings, or better communication. Family and friends can become involved, relationships can be mended, and confidence can be built.

Health Insurance Covering Treatment For Xanax Addiction

Luxe Recovery accepts most PPO insurance plans. Go to our Insurance Verification portal and fill in the form. One of our friendly staff will verify your insurance benefits and get back to you with further details. Your PPO insurance plan may cover part or most of our treatment costs.

Take The First Step To A Successful Recovery

At Luxe Recovery, we don’t keep promises we can’t keep, but we can promise our first-class services and treatment programs to address all kinds of substance use disorders.

Our healthcare professionals are experts in the field of prescription drug addiction, including Xanax, and hold the highest standards in treating a wide spectrum of issues, including mental health. If you or a loved one are concerned about finding appropriate substance abuse treatment, look no further and give us a call today.

By taking this first step of action, you are closer to finding a positive solution and giving help to someone who may be in desperate need of treatment.

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